(Finally…) Recipe 1: Kurt (Fermented milk chalk balls)

After a 2 month recipe delay, we’re back to Kazakhstan for some fermented milk chalk balls, ((known as Korut / Kurt / variable spelling)

I’m a fan. Kate is not. Tastes a bit like very salty parmesan and looks like a chalky ball.

Serving suggestion in Kazakhstan: Eat it as it is. Children tend to suck it.

Serving suggestion in the UK: Very small shavings, could perhaps add a bit of taste to a salad or pasta dish…


Milk (mare’s milk optional); Salt


Boil your milk and allow to separate into curds and whey. Pour the curds into a bag, compress and allow to solidify. Press this into small ball shapes and dry until they are rock hard.

Don’t eat a large chunk in a hurry.

Let me know if you try it.The next recipes will be more palatable.


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